Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Texas State Board of Education District Two Race

Ruben Cortez, Jr. won the run-off yesterday for the Democratic nominee for the SBOE District Two seat.  I honestly would have been happy with him, his opponent, or any of the other Democrats who originally ran for the seat.  No one will ever be another Mary Helen Berlanga, of course, but these candidates all seemed like a vast improvement over most of the other crazies - I mean, people - serving on the SBOE.

Honestly, even the teacher who won the Republican nomination would be a vast improvement over most SBOE members - she understands that diversity is important in social studies, at least (as does Mr. Cortez).  She did tell me she was in support of "practical scientific theory" being taught in the classroom, as opposed to the things she considers more controversial like, say, evolution and the Big Bang Theory, though, so no voting for the nice Republican lady.  Rigorous science education is of crucial importance to the future of our state and nation.

Mr. Cortez will do nicely.

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