Thursday, August 23, 2012

Allergy Mom Meltdown

So, at the end of last school year, I was careful to make sure that we had all of the Lone Star Girl's allergy, asthma and medication paperwork ready and signed and turned in for this school year - it's quite a process but I have gotten a little practice now, so I thought I had it down.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the school district had posted a new medications policy on its website.  While we technically had on file everything it asked for, I could tell it was likely that the policy would require that all of our forms be updated to new ones.  Sadly, the new forms were not available to print from the online policy - you are supposed to get them from the school nurse.  

I immediately e-mailed the Girl's school nurse, but of course she was still out for the summer.  I called the Girl's allergist's office and explained and they gave me updated copies of what they had, but they don't have the school district's forms.

Yesterday, after my staff development was over, I finally got an e-mail from the school nurse that yes - I would need all new forms which she had ready for us.  Would need them before school starts Monday.

Sometimes, policies just make it too hard to be a parent trying to hold down a job, you know?  As fortunate as I am, in family health and employment, things like this can make a mama feel just defeated about trying to keep everything together.

Even though her work day was over and she was ready to leave, the school nurse agreed to wait for me while I zoomed across town to the high school and got the forms (the allergist's office wasn't accepting faxes from them because, obviously, their fax machine had been completely overwhelmed that day).  It was a stroke of huge luck that this happened on a Wednesday when the allergist's office is open until 6:30 for injections.  I rushed over there and explained to the office manager who was the epitome of kind about it.  I sat in the office and filled out the six pages of forms and left them there.  The office manager says that the doctor will sign them and they will fax them back to the high school today.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to distract myself from the icky adrenaline-spike after-effect feelings. 

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Andrea said...

Seriously? It's this sort of nonsense that contributes to crazy people's virulent anti-gov't attitudes. It seems like it wouldn't have been that har for them to adopt a more flexible approach--and be organized enough to have the forms and information available in a timely fashion (and online!!).