Thursday, August 02, 2012

Texas Democrats And Education Funding

I have spent a lot of posts in the past  month or so reviewing choice pieces of craziness from the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform.  Lone Star Pa reminded me that it is important to highlight what the 2012 Texas Democratic Party Platform has to say as well.  On the topic of education funding, for example, the 2012 Texas Democratic Party Platform has this to say:

"Texas Democrats believe:
  • the state should establish a 100% equitable school finance system with sufficient state revenue to allow every district to offer an exemplary program;
  • the state should equitably reduce reliance on "Robin Hood" recapture;
  • state funding formulas should fully reflect all student and district cost differences and the impact of inflation and state mandates;
  • Texas should maintain, extend and enforce the 22-­‐1 class size limits and expand access to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs; and
  • the federal government should fully fund all federal education mandates and should reform and fully fund the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)." 
 Kind of sounds better than reducing education funding at all levels, doesn't it?

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