Sunday, August 12, 2012

Democrats And Republicans In Texas: Compare & Contrast

I have come to the last post in my series of posts on the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform and the 2012 Texas Democratic Party Platform.  My posts have only hit the high points - I highly recommend that every Texan go to the websites of each state party and read the platforms in their entirety.  When you have done so, you will notice a marked difference in the value systems of the two parties:

Texas Republicans believe in laissez-faire capitalism taken to the extreme.  They believe that the rich should be unfettered by taxes and fair labor practices and health and environmental regulations.  They believe that women, people of color and people who are gay do not deserve the same sort of legal rights that are enjoyed by straight, white men.  They believe that those who are not wealthy are not entitled to an education or food or health care.

Texas Democrats believe in equal rights under the law - between genders, races and people of different abilities and sexual orientations.  Texas Democrats believe that education, health care and the needs of basic survival are for everyone, not just the rich.  Texas Democrats believe in protecting workers, families and the environment.

What do you believe?  Do not be deceived into voting against your beliefs or the best interests of your family.  Do the research.  Vote.  

We choose which platform we will get.

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