Sunday, August 05, 2012

First Day School: Quaker SPICES

Today at First Day School, we started our SPICES "unit" on Quaker testimonies in our Little Friends/Lower El "class". 

I read about and discussed the testimonies (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship) with the Lone Star Baby and we went over some queries about each one.  I explained how "stewardship" seems only to be discussed separately from "simplicity" in recent years and how I pretty much think of them together but how they can be looked at distinctly.

Then, the Lone Star Baby laid out cards on a tray - each of the testimonies had a card with its name printed on it, and a title card to go above them that said "SPICES:  Quaker Testimonies".  She then opened a spice jar and emptied it of the small objects and pictures inside.  The objects and pictures stood for or were part of different testimonies:  a mirror, a picture of a hat, a picture of clasped hands of different colors, a placard with the word "lying" crossed out, a tiny "votes for women" placard, a little frog, a picture of a neighborhood, a list of service possibilities like food and clothing drives, a little turtle, a little dove, a picture of a camel and the eye of a needle, a little peace sign, a tiny clothespin doll in Quaker greys. The Lone Star Baby placed the objects and pictures under the testimony they matched, discussing and getting some assistance from me.  Then, she did it over again by herself.  

I encouraged her to think about the testimonies in the weeks ahead, and we re-joined Meeting for Worship.

Next, I hope for us to have two to four lessons on each of the testimonies during this school year, starting with simplicity. 

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