Friday, August 03, 2012

Texas Democrats And Excellent Schools

While the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform goes on about not teaching dangerous stuff like critical thinking (and real science), the 2012 Texas Democratic Party Platform has this to say:

"To make public education our highest priority, we believe the state should:
·∙ provide universal access to pre-­‐kindergarten and kindergarten;
·∙ provide free, accurate and updated instructional materials aligned to educationally appropriate,    non-­‐ideological state curriculum standards and tests;
·∙ provide free computer and internet access, as well as digital instructional materials;
·∙ provide early intervention programs to ensure every child performs at grade level in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science;
·∙ ensure that students with disabilities receive an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment, including access to the full range of services and supports called for in their individual education plans;
·∙ provide appropriate career and technical education programs;
·∙ reject efforts to destroy bilingual education;
·∙ promote multi-­‐language instruction, beginning in elementary school, to make all students fluent in English and at least one other language;
replace high-­‐stakes tests, used to punish students and schools, with multiple measures that restore the original intent of the state assessment system: improving instruction to help students think
critically, be creative and succeed;
·∙ end inappropriate testing of students with disabilities whose individual education plans call for alternative assessments of their educational progress;
·∙ enforce and extend class size limits to allow every student to receive necessary individualized attention;
·∙ support Title IX protections for gender equity in public education institutions;
·∙ ensure that every student has access to appropriate counseling services;
·∙ ensure that every school has a fully funded and staffed library, fully equipped with both print and electronic media, that is regularly open and accessible to students and faculty;
·∙ provide universally accessible after-­‐school programs for grades 1-­‐12;
·∙ provide environmental education programs for children and adults;"

Sounds better, doesn't it?

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