Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Lunch

At the Lone Star Baby's school, they send home a baggie on Thursday with a little hot lunch order form and you can send it back with money for hot lunch for your child on Friday if you wish. There are four or five different hot lunches that the school orders in from area restaurants like the one that is almost next door to them. You find out on Thursday which one they are having on Friday so you know if you want to order it or not.

Some are meat lunches and we don't eat meat. One is macaroni and cheese and the Lone Star Baby really dislikes macaroni and cheese (I know - I have no idea why her kid card has not been revoked), so we don't order those lunches. One of the lunches is cheese quesadillas with beans and fruit and one is cheese pizza with veggies (not that she'll eat the veggies) and I always order those for her.

It is hard to express the depth of my disappointment when I open the Lone Star Baby's lunchera on a Thursday evening and find that I have to pack it again because the hot lunch for Friday is not one of the two that she sort of eats. Also, the corresponding depth of my very real joy when I find that it is going to be one of our hot lunch days might surprise people who do not share the intimate relationship with my bad boy Exhaustion that I have. Just not having to pack that lunch gives me such a lift...


gojirama said...

I get you, Mama.

Saints and Spinners said...

My daughter doesn't kvell to the mac and cheese either. She likes cheese quesadillas and pizza bianca (i.e. no tomato sauce). I feel your pain. My daughter is not a picky eater (though a bit pickier than she used to be), but I for one am glad to buy class groceries two weeks out of the year in order for the class to cook their own lunch. I highly recommend it, even on the days when Lucia comes home ravenous because it was a protein-free day or an oatmeal day.