Sunday, February 08, 2009

Art In The Afternoon

This is the month when all of our local museum-type attractions offer reciprocal memberships, so families like mine make a mad dash to see everything if they have a membership in one or more (our memberships are at the Science and History Museum and the Botanical Gardens) places. This afternoon, therefore, we made a trek out to the Art Museum of South Texas and saw some beautiful paintings and sculptures, as well as the annual Visionarios exhibit of the work of young artists. Visiting a nice art museum with a four-year-old is not always relaxing, but I do want the kids to be exposed to such things and it was lovely. We even saw a piece sculpted by a friend of ours who is an art professor at the local university. There were, in addition to the beautiful and thought-provoking galleries, two nice children's areas and a lovely deck facing the bay. After we left, we had some outdoor time in the water garden next to the museum. It was a very nice afternoon.

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