Monday, February 02, 2009

Camping Weekend

Well, I did really miss the Lone Star Baby, and I am really tired, but it was fun. Not always, as the girls are at an easy-to-want-to strangle-them age, especially when in possession of their cell phones, but it mostly was fun. And our Girl Scout leader said they were much better than the last time she took them.

The resort-like "camp" is on a beautiful resaca and Brownsville was lovely to drive through. The university there is very nice. The forensic activities at the university involved photographing and sketching and measuring a "crime scene" and both imprinting and dusting for/lifting fingerprints. Back at camp, there were more activities on the theme. I helped with the blood spatter activity and Jazz with a different method of fingerprinting.

My sister Jazz was, of course, the greatest. She is the world's best navigator, a great driver and a born camp counselor. Although there were maybe a few threats of death and abandonment, I think she was extremely patient with our girls.

I remembered how much I love the Girl Scouts as an organization, the way the girls and women are all so freaking capable. I was at that place as a Girl Scout leader, I think, before the Lone Star Baby was born, but I have completely lost all that flinty confidence in the intervening years. I feel inspired to get it back.

Also, the camp was amazing when it came to making sure that the Lone Star Girl could be safe eating there with her nut allergy. They were kind and respectful and thorough - much more so than anyone in my own family has ever been. It felt wonderful for her to be able to participate so fully with so few worries - hurray for the Girl Scouts!


Andrea said...

Wow...blood-splatter camping...sounds adventurous!

Saints and Spinners said...

Cell phones? My goodness (rocking chair creaks), in my day, we had to be content with passing notes.

Welcome back! I'm glad that it was comfortable for the LSG regarding her nut allergy.