Friday, December 16, 2016

Dispatch from Third World Corpus

Well, the water is supposedly safe to drink in Zone 1, where the white folk moved to avoid desegregation in Corpus.  Folks in Zone 2, where the nouveau riche and the upwardly mobile live,  can now supposedly take showers and wash their clothes, although, with all the warnings about how, I would be a might concerned about that still.  Here in Zone 3, the Corpus-that-was, we still are not to use the City's water for anything but flushing.

I am grateful for the flushing.

We still don't know a whole heck of a lot about exactly what happened or what the plan is for fixing it.  Our brand new Mayor has basically said to sit tight and we will get more information when it is useful to us.  I really am not enjoying that gate-keeping tone, I am afraid.  I am not one to make snap judgements about people, and he just got sworn in this week so our catastrophe is in no way on him, but how people handle catastrophes tells one a lot and I am not being told anything that I find encouraging, as someone who expects to get to decide for myself what I worry my pretty head about.

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