Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Action Alert: Email Your Council Member, The Mayor and The At-Large Council Members About The Water Disaster

This is a week (plus; a week, plus) of Action Alerts about the Corpus Christi water disaster, Mamas.  For today, what we need is for Corpus Mamas to email their Council Members.  We need to email them about investigating the causes of the disaster, about preventative measures and about the City's response to the disaster.  Please email your own district's Council Member, as well as the Mayor and the three At-Large Council Members.  Email addresses are:

Mayor Dan McQueen:
Paulette Guajardo, At-Large:
Michael Hunter, At-Large:
Joe McComb, At-Large:
Carolyn Vaughn, District 1:
Ben Molina, District 2:
Lucy Rubio, District 3:
Greg Smith, District 4:
Rudy Garza, Jr., District 5:

Please email today, Mamas! Get your Mom Squad to email as well! We cannot let this go until we know it cannot happen again.

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