Thursday, December 29, 2016

Action Alert: Water Disaster Letters to The Editor

Yesterday, you emailed your Council Members, Mamas, but people's memories can be short and it is important to keep the pressure on until we know that this cannot endanger our children again.  A steady stream of Letters to The Editor printed in the local paper keeps people from forgetting the need to hold our public officials accountable.   An added benefit, is that a Letter to the Editor that contains a public official's name is certain to be read by that public official's office.

Please write Letters to The Editor of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times about the need for further investigation into the causes of the disaster, preventative measures that need to be taken, and the need for a study of the city's response.  Keep your letters very short and write one letter for each topic. Get your friends to write as well. They will not generally print more than one letter by a person in a month, so keep trying and keep recruiting more concerned citizens to write.

We are not going to let this disaster be forgotten until it can never happen again.

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