Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Action Alert: Ask Valero if They Are Going To Keep Renting to Ergon

At this point, it is hard to say how much responsibility Valero has in the recent water disaster that contaminated the Corpus Christi water supply in December.  What we do know is that chemicals being used by their lessee, Ergon, contaminated our water supply, so we can be relatively certain that Ergon was, as the City calls such things, a "bad actor".

Why are they still in the industrial zone?

I called Valero today and spoke to their public affairs person and asked her if they were planning to continue renting to Ergon after what Ergon did to us.  She said she did not know until after the investigation.  

I say we know enough on this particular point.  

Please call Valero at 361-289-6000, ask for public affairs and then ask if they are going to keep renting to Ergon after what Ergon did to us.  If enough mamas call, maybe they will get the picture.  And if they don't get rid of the bad actor because we asked, there is always the power of the boycott.

Please call today!

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