Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Paul Ryan: Let Them Eat Cake

So Paul Ryan gave a speech to a bunch of conservatives in which he told an anecdote about how subsidized school lunches gave children full bellies but empty souls.  Yep.  Because getting to eat healthy food when you are a child is so bad for your moral development.  Someone needs to brush the Speaker up on his Maslow.  Also, he might want to visit the public schools he likes to bash because he does not know them like that.  His touching tale about brown bags equaling parental love is a wee bit outdated.  Few kids bring lunches from home.  Brown bags probably mean food allergies.  Get with it, Speaker.

I think Paul Ryan has done an excellent job of convincing people that the Trump-The-Evil-Clown stuff is what we need to be worried about.  But, really, it is him.  He is the one who will take away the children's food and healthcare. He is the one who will take Medicare and Medicaid away from the aged and disabled. He is the one we need to watch, because his gentle courtesy is all an act.

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