Friday, December 23, 2016

Action Alert: Email The Chemical Safety Board

Neither the Attorney General's Office nor the City are qualified to be the only entities investigating the recent water disaster in Corpus Christi and we all know how easy it is for industry to get the TCEQ Commissioners to over-rule their staff.

One thing we need quickly is an investigation by the Chemical Safety Board, the independent federal agency charged with investigating the causes of accidents due to hazardous materials in industry - and, you know, we need it done while they still exist.  Please email them tonight, Texas Mamas, and let them know that Corpus Christi needs them to investigate our water disaster, apparently caused by Ergon's chemicals, on Valero's watch, and we need it done quickly. 

Please email them at and ask them to open an investigation into the water disaster in Corpus Christi.

Please hurry.

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