Monday, December 02, 2013

Waiting For the Light

On Sunday, we began our family Advent traditions.   

The Lone Star Baby lit the first girl- rolled beeswax Advent candle, still leftover from last year's making.  

We read the first little book in our Advent calendar and the Lone Star Baby hung it on the little Advent tree.

We put up the first magnetic piece of the nativity scene that is our other Advent calendar.

We moved the Magi down the hall a bit.

Do you have winter traditions in your family? If so, what are they?  I like to read about them.

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Hystery said...

What a lovely tradition. It is comforting to imagine it. We also have some winter traditions drawn from our German, English, Christian, and Pagan backgound (a lovely, colorful mixed up mess of Solstice syncretism) We begin on December 6 and end on January 6.