Friday, December 27, 2013

Make or Find

It has always been my rule for the girls that if they choose to give me a present, like on a traditional gift-giving occasion such as Christmas or my birthday or Mother's Day, I want it to be something they make or find, not something bought.  This has resulted in the usual wealth of pictures and clay creations from both girls from very young ages and I treasure them all.  Since she has been old enough to expand her makings, though, the Lone Star Girl has outdone herself every year.  I rather doubt any other mothers have quilts their fifteen year olds made for their fortieth birthdays with a square for each year of their life, or drawers modpodge-ed with family photos or...well, there has been a lot.  This year, she modpodge-ed a coffee table with maps (I love maps) for me and made this beautiful sea bottle.

I would still be the luckiest mother alive to have these wonderful girls with no gifts at all, of course, but I do think the Girl is rather extraordinary at making gifts for her mother.  I like to think that my rule has had some small part in shaping her creativity and generosity, but she is pretty amazing on her own, so it is hard to say.

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