Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Baking

We made:  pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, gingerbread cookies ("Mom, I'm just going to cut the Gingerbread Woman's skirt so she can make it in the world of work."  "I made a Gingerbread Tardis and a Weeping Angel!"  "It's Gingerbread Cap!"), diablo cookies (watch out for those - I think I made them too spicy this time), Iraqi cardamon cookies, peppermint sugar cookies, raspberry jam thumbprint cookies and chocolate peanut butter cookies. 


And the neighbors have been Kris Kringled with some of the pumpkin bread and cranberry bread and cookies.


And people have had tantrums and gone to bed.  And other people need to get to bed so things can get wrapped. 


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Gadfly said...

I use the NYT's macrobiotic bread recipe as my starter, except making it whole wheat.

Currently, I just baked a cinnamon-raisin bread, also adding a few dates because they were on sale. A little turbinado sugar and a little molasses give sweetness with a bit of "bite."