Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beeswax Christmas Love

I ordered a set of colorful beeswax sheets for the Lone Star Baby to roll into candles for teacher gifts this holiday season.  When they arrived, I was disappointed at their size - more appropriate for fat little birthday cake candles than Christmas/Winter candles.  The Lone Star Baby got out her air-dry clay, though, and made some sweet little gifts - little advent wreaths of four tiny-fat candles each in little clay holders.  It was fun to help her and listen as she counted out how many she had and which teachers and staff they were for and how many she had to go.  They are drying now.  I doubt there will be many more Christmases full of her sweet gift-making for everyone so I am soaking this one up.

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Andrea said...

Lovely...I always fail at the teacher gifts...too little, too late! Too much to do this time of year!