Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hempstead Sucks

It has been widely reported that principal Amy Lacey at Hempstead Middle School in Hempstead, Texas went on the intercom at school last month and prohibited students from speaking Spanish at school, threatening write-ups and expulsions for students who were caught doing so.  Several teachers are said to have stressed similar policies individually.

Over 50% of the students enrolled at this school are of Hispanic heritage and this outrage is a clear violation of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

I wish the feds would go arrest this racist principal and her racist teachers for violating the rights of these students and an international treaty (and rarely will you ever hear me criticize a teacher, ever).

The racism of this is of course the outrage (!!!!!!!!!) , but could we please talk about the stupidity also?  I am not even Hispanic and have gone to some lengths to send my kids (more successfully with the younger one) to schools where they will gain the Spanish fluency that I, even though I have studied Spanish diligently as an adult, mostly lack.  I would venture to say that any Texas parent (and to a lesser degree any American parent) who is not diligently trying to make sure their children learn Spanish as well as English is frankly blind about education and what will be needed in the future.  The future is coming and it is not going to be one dominated by the white men with which racist Hempstead may be comfortable.

Racist people may not like the fact that we are becoming a multicultural society in which Spanish will soon be the language of the majority, but if they want their kids to be successful in tomorrow's world, they had better get over themselves and adapt....which is kind of funny because that is exactly what they say when they are complaining about how Hispanic people should "speak English" and "assimilate".

This is the 21st century, people.

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