Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Texas Voter ID Politics

I would like to comment on something I noticed when I went to vote about the utter horror that is the Texas Voter ID law, now that the Voting Rights Act no longer protects us from these shenanigans. (I know it has been more than a month since Election Day, but this mama has been pretty busy lately.)

Where I voted, at City Hall, there was a big sign at the polls that listed acceptable forms of Photo ID that a citizen could tender in order to exercise the franchise.

One of those acceptable forms of ID was a gun permit.  Know what one of those acceptable forms of ID was not?  

Wait for it....

A student ID.  

Can anyone possibly offer a credible reason for this other than the fact that gun owners are the type of people that the Republicans behind this racist, classist law want to see voting while students are the sort of people that they do not want to see voting?  


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Andrea said...

Well, uh, maybe gun owners are more, er, um, educated and thoughtful, and ahem, responsible, than students, and therefore more likely to vote, ahem, for more stupid sh*t, I mean...for more thoughtful and responsible stuff.