Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Supermarket Shop And Being Legal in Texas

The Goblin Princess' birthday is this week so I bought all her favorite junk food and not-junk food in today's massive trek to H-E-B for the week:  toaster strudels (ewww), Wild Cherry Pepsi, goat cheese in two varieties, organic potatoes, deviled eggs, strawberry cake mix and Ben and Jerry's.  Not groceries I would normally buy together and I promise the toaster strudels and cake only happen on her birthday week.

She will turn 17 on Halloween.

She says "Can you believe that on Wednesday I will be an adult?" 

I have explained over and over again that being seventeen is not being an adult - the Texas Legislature just had to put the age of majority low enough to include all of their girlfriends. I replied "That's not an adult!"  

It's not!

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