Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Streamlining Tax Deductions For The Middle Class

Still wondering what tax code Governor Romney was talking about when he said middle income families would need to look at their deductions and maybe pick like just $25,000 worth.  

He remains confused, I think, as to what "middle income" means.  

I do not think there are any middle income families with any combination of tax deductions that add up to anything close to that.

The child tax credits aren't like those tax shelters in the Cayman Islands.  No wonder he thinks he can pay for his 8 trillion dollars with this whole "simplifying the tax code" business.  

(Someone needs to explain this to him.  Kind of like when they had to take President Bush to see a grocery store.)


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Marianne said...

"Middle income" is obviously anything between him and the poverty level. It's a large middle.