Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mayoral Race Highjinks

Sooo....Corpus Christi mayoral candidate Chris Adler said in a recent forum that she has been "unjustly labeled" as in favor of Las Brisas.

Excuse me?

I wonder what she thinks would be just.

It would be one thing if Ms. Adler said that she has changed her mind about supporting Las Brisas - a very welcome thing indeed - but to say she never supported is just not true.

I was in Council chambers on the day that Ms. Adler voted in favor of water incentives for Las Brisas.  She also was quoted as saying (before the vote, I think) that if Las Brisas was permitted, she  would support it however she could and that she could not think of a more important  thing that could happen to the city than a $3 billion investment.  That sounds in favor to me.  Ms. Adler was also very dismissive of the mothers and doctors who came before Council to plea for the health of our community's children.

I am voting for Nelda Martinez, who voted against water incentives for Las Brisas and who cares for our children.

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