Monday, October 15, 2012

No Las Brisas In District Two

Both Brian Rosas and Chad Magill who are running for City Council in District Two where I live have contacted me and assured me that they are against Las Brisas, if it should come up, which they do not think it will.

Mr. Magill spoke for Las Brisas before Council and the Commissioner's Court on behalf of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago, but he says that is not his position now.

I'm surprised that any candidate would contact me about such things as I am so busy with work and keeping my kids afloat through some tough times that I have scarcely poked my nose into any sort of public policy issues in over a year - and, really, only a few people read this blog if one can judge from the number of comments -  but I certainly appreciate the candidates letting me know their positions on something that is of crucial importance to my family (even if they are overestimating my completely non-existent influence on the moms of District Two).

Thank you, Mr. Rosas and Mr. Magill!  Good to know!

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