Thursday, October 04, 2012

41 And Arms Full of Daughters

Last Friday was my birthday and the whole weekend was full of festivities - a wonderful dinner prepared by the Girl on Friday night, a wonderful brunch out with the family on Saturday, a wonderful brunch prepared by the Girl for more family on Sunday and a wonderful get-together with friends Sunday night.

Every year I am just more and more amazed at what results from my rule that presents to me from girls have to be made or found.

Here are my presents from the so-sweet Lone Star Baby:

Here is a sweater that the Lone Star Girl knitted for me!   A sweater, I tell you!!!

And here are the shelves that she modge-podged hundreds of millions of family photo print-outs onto for me!!!!!

I have the most amazing girls in the universe.  In the mul-ti-verse...


Saints and Spinners said...

You do have amazing girls! But just look at their momma. I am not surprised.

Andrea said...

Awww, what lovely thoughtful gifts! Happy Birthday!!

Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

What a blessed birthday!