Thursday, October 18, 2012

Girl Effect

I know I brag on the Girl a lot, but she is just so amazing!  One of the Take Action projects she decided to do after attending the WAGGGS Girls World Forum this summer was to start a Girl Effect club at her high school. 

Girl Effect is an organization that helps girls and Girl Effect clubs are clubs where girls in first world countries raise funds and supplies for girls in developing countries.  This is a very effective form of philanthropy:  girls grow up to be women and women invest 90% of their incomes into their families, as compared to the 30-40% of income invested in families by men.

The Girl's club is currently holding a soap drive at school for an organization that helps girls and is trick-or-treating for UNICEF with collection boxes in all of the classrooms.  When we went to her school's Open House on Monday night, I saw her flyers for both projects and for the club itself up and down every bit of hallway at that huge school.

I am so proud of my girl.  She is the solution.

For more on the Girl Effect, watch this video.