Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nelda Martinez For Corpus Christi Mayor!

I did some block-walking in my neighborhood today for Nelda Martinez, my choice for the next Mayor of Corpus Christi.  I love Nelda because she is honest and truthful and devoted to our community.

Even though Nelda is in real estate and we really do have too many people in the real estate business on the Council, she is the only one of them who recuses herself from votes in which she has a financial interest.  The others rely on the city's super-weak ethics ordinance to make a buck off of being on the Council.  She never does.

Nelda won my loyalty forever when she stood up for our children's health and opposed the building of Las Brisas.  I trust her to put the children of Corpus Christi first which is why I voted for her.

It was a beautiful afternoon for block-walking.  I hung information cards on doorknobs on Ralston, Harrison and part of Ponder before I ran out of rubber bands and it started getting dark.  I'll do more later this week.  It is easy to help in mother-sized doses with block-walking - you can just get the information and pass it out in the pockets of time you have.  I got to help our city's future and get exercise and look at all the neighbors' Halloween decorations - very pleasant.

The most important thing to do, though, is to vote, of course.  I voted for Nelda Martinez for Corpus Christi Mayor yesterday.  Have you voted yet?

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Corpus Christi Fird said...

I definitely agree wit the importance of voting if you want to change the status quo.