Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Four-Year-Old Sleeping Queens Junkie

So I've been all excited about this new family game phase that we are in and the fun we are having with the game Sleeping Queens. We are still having fun, but it seems to have become required fun. Mandatory fun. Religion. Or something.

The Lone Star Baby now wants to play Sleeping Queens all the time. All the time. She really can't get through a day without one or two hands and will cry if no one will play with her at some point before we make her go to bed at night (oh, we play with her - at least one hand, usually two or more). She also tries to teach it to all of her friends, who are not all as interested in it as she is. It's like the central focus of her young life.

And a little scary.

We can now identify which queen most of the face-down queens are because we recognize the creases and scratches unique to each card.

Honestly, with the exception of our concerns for what this obsessive behavior might mean for the future, we don't really mind. We all like playing Sleeping Queens very much - even if it is not really our mission in life the way it seems to be her mission in life. Her passion for the game makes it more fun for us since she is so freakin' adorable to watch. Still - beware the addictive power of Sleeping Queens! You have been warned ...


Andrea said...

That is cute.

Veloute said...

Whoops :) Sorry, lol!

At least it is indeed fun to play.

Fiona would play with her anytime, anywhere!