Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight Poster - Courtesy of the Lone Star Girl


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The best book I’ve read all year! – National Wife Beaters Committee

This book really showed a good set of values that all young couples should follow!
– Misogynist Today Newsletter

What an excellent book! Bella and Edward function like a good American couple! Every woman should be willing to give up everything for a guy! Males are the dominant gender after all. – Patriarchal Times Magazine


Triana said...

Spot on! I love it!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Bede and I saw the movie last night. We were both surprised by how much we enjoyed it. It was funny and campy (unintentionally, I'm guessing), and Bella in the movie actually had backbone.

Lone Star Ma said...

Wow. My sister (who has seen it two or three times now) said it was very true to the book - so I didn't expect her to have backbone! I'd actually like to see it but the Lone Star Girl has lectured people on it so extensively that she would be embarrassed to be caught there.

Veloute said...

Lone Star Girl rocks!

Triana said...

I thought it followed the book a bit, but they left out quite a bit that actually made the movie far more bearable than the book.

Of course there were other bits that made it just as bad. Words that should never be spoken aloud were and it made me cringe. Definitely good to go see it with a crowd though.