Friday, November 14, 2008

Ready Baby

The Lone Star Baby came from school on the day before yesterday full of information from the Ready Bee's visit to their class. The Ready Bee promotes disaster preparedness and wears a bee costume. She had a coloring book about safety plans and colors that the Ready Bee had given her. After we got in the door and I put away our lunch boxes and my purse, I found her unrolling a roll of duct tape and eying the peep hole on our front door.

"There's a hole in that door and we need to duct tape it," she said. I explained that the hole was so we could see who was knocking on our door and that it was not to be taped. She went scurrying off, muttering "White duct tape's for windows, silver duct tape is for doors..."

A very surreal moment.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Sweet LSB. Does she have a fondness for other kinds of tape? I used to get Scotch tape as presents because I'd use it so much in projects and would have to be regulated.

I did wonder, however, if there were any kids in the class who were allergic to bees, and who might have been tempted to hide under their desks when Ready Bee came to class.

You think I'm twisted, don't you.

Oh, and my word verifier word is "chasm."

Lone Star Ma said...

She does like tape, but it is her sister who raised duct tape to an art form.

Her sister is also allergic to ants so there better not be any Ready Ants at the middle school.

You are so not twisted. (Not anymore, anyways(:)

Andrea said...

Whoa...visions of "duck and cover" hu?

Reminds me of the day we watched "Black Tuesday" about a devastating tornado (on a dark and stormy Tuesday of course)...I think these programs only instill anxiety in kids, not "preparedness."

Lone Star Ma said...

I agree, although I think the child enjoys such things. She's one we'll want with us after the collapse of civilization(: