Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The Lone Star Girl went into the Lone Star Baby's room this morning when she heard her stirring and told her that Barack Obama won. The Lone Star Baby had been watching the results with us last night with an electoral votes map and crayons to color the red and blue states, but she fell asleep. When she heard the news this morning, she started jumping and squealing "Barack Obama winned!" over and over again. On the way to school, while I was looking at the newspaper in the drive-through line for tacos, she demanded the paper and had her sister tell her about the pictures of Michelle Obama and the beautiful little girls who will be moving into the White House soon. Then she and her sister argued over possession of the paper until I took it away. She finished coloring her map this evening. We are just so excited.


Andrea said...


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I have never met the Obamas, but I feel as if our friends won.

Cloudscome said...

It's it wonderful to think of the children and teens all over the country (and world) jumping up and down with joy on this morning!