Saturday, August 08, 2015

Lone Star Ma Mama Action Alert: Thank Target For Moving Away From Gender Stereotypes In Its Toy Aisles!

Target announced yesterday that it will move away from gender-based signs in its toy aisles as well as other gender-based toy aisle markers like having pink or blue areas.  

Target said they have heard the concerns of their customers and do not want people to feel limited by the ways things are presented.  Even now, employees at Target's over 2,000 U.S. stores are hard at work identifying other areas, like bedding, where they can phase out gender-based signage.

This is wonderful news.  Play is a child's work and it should never be limited by gender stereotypes that make them think that only certain paths are appropriate for them based upon their genders.

Please thank Target, Mamas, by posting your appreciation on their FaceBook page and share this post to encourage other companies to do the same.  I also encourage mamas to write to places like McDonald's and others who still use gender-based toys to encourage them to follow Target's example!

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