Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inch by Inch, Kiddie Pool by Kiddie Pool

I don't know why "fall" tomatoes and peppers need to be put in at the hottest point of the summer, but that is so the only time one finds them at the garden stores, so I got my little container gardens set up yesterday.  After my whole hives episode that I strongly suspect was due to the Vitamin D supplement I took, I am not going to be taking that supplement anymore, but I still do need to increase my Vitamin D levels so hopefully the need to water these vegetables (with my hand-held hose, people) will help. 

I put tomatoes in the tires:

In the nightshade garden, I put in tomatoes, chile peqins, serrano peppers and another ghost pepper:

I planted a cowpea bed:

 I planted a bed of okra seeds from my grandmother:

I planted two different basil plants:

I staked my grape plant to a little trellis:

And that is all for now!


Andrea said...

That is such a cute garden! Hope your tomatoes survive the heat...the peppers should love it, right?

Lone Star Ma said...

No lo se. I think they will all be okay if I water them enough - that is the "if", though.