Saturday, August 08, 2015

GOP Debates

We attended an anniversary celebration for the Voting Rights Act on Thursday night and then watched most of the Republican debate.

The Lone Star Girl had been disappointed when she heard that Perry did not make the cut, as she said we all know he is varsity crazy and not JV-crazy.  I was still pretty livid at Christie's earlier threatening remarks to teachers going in.

I really don't know anything about Kasich yet.  I was surprised at Kasich's kindness and compassion for the poor during the debate - it seemed like he had wandered into the wrong primary.  I'm sure there is a catch.  It is also always disturbing when someone as otherwise evil as Rand Paul cares more about peace than the Democratic frontrunner.  It is also always painful to watch Jeb Bush trying to express the compassion that he clearly has in his heart for immigrants, but unable to stop himself from devolving into his Party's rascist buzzwords like "sanctuary city".

Otherwise, the candidates all just seemed like an awful circus of hate - racist, sexist, elitist.

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