Friday, August 28, 2015

Corpus Realtor Jokingly Threatens to Masturbate on Breastfeeding Mothers In Comedy Skit

A Corpus Christi businessman who does comedy on the side recently posted a comedy sketch of himself on his toilet criticizing mothers who breastfeed in public and comparing it to masturbation.  As horrible and not-funny as that is, the big problem was when the skit went on to say that he would masturbate on mothers he saw breastfeeding in public.  Doing this would, of course, be sexual assault and local mothers have been outraged by his skit, complaining to local news outlets and spreading the word on social media.

Yesterday, he apologized for his skit going too far on KZTV but I personally still found his apology rather fraught with excuses, especially when he claimed he was getting death threats.  I have no way of knowing if that was true, but seeing as how his comedy skit threatened to sexually assault women, I am not sure he has any room to complain.  I believe that he meant it as a joke and not an actual threat as he says, but there is nothing funny about either sexual assault or about persecuting nursing mothers.


Andrea said...

What the f#$%%? That is reprehensible. Anyone who says such a think should NOT hold public office.

Lone Star Ma said...

I don't think he does - just a vulgar, small-time comedian who went too far. Such a sad example of the culture that makes being a mother, or being a woman at all, so tough and scary sometimes, though.