Saturday, September 08, 2012

Somewhat Offended

Somewhere, someone on the interwebs (on AOL specifically)  has tagged my "second first day of third grade" photo of the Lone Star Baby as "she flunked third grade", either having not read the post or not cared.  Makes me wonder what they thought of the "third first day of third grade" photo.

Just to be clear - the Lone Star Baby happens to be so academically advanced that the very thought of her failing a grade is ludicrous.  She was reading on a 4th grade level and multiplying and dividing fractions by the end of first grade and was working with exponents early on in second grade.  My only concern about her and third grade academics is that she may already know everything they teach this year.  And she knows it in English and in Spanish, as well.

That said, many young children do not pass grades in school, as everyone struggles with different things.  The fact that the Lone Star Baby is academically advanced hardly means that she is advanced at everything else - we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  She did not walk unassisted until she was 16 months old, for instance - everyone develops in different areas at different paces. I think it is pretty gross that someone would tag a picture of a child that way whether it was inaccurate or not.  No one should make comments like that about children, regardless.

Although people on the internet will pretty much do as they will, I will also mention this:  everything on this blog is mine and it is a violation of intellectual property law to do anything with it without my permission.   

Don't let me catch you. 


Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

That's terrible...terrible! You must feel violated.

Lone Star Ma said...

Not really - I posted the photo on the web, after all. I just think it's a bit offensive and awfully rude for anyone to talk about any child in that manner.