Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I hope that everyone is having as restful a day as possible.  I am taking time today to remember how much my family owes the labor movement - the ability to make a living while still having time for each other, weekends, family leave, safe working conditions and a living wage.

Today in America, the one percent - and the working people the one percent has deceived - seem to think that labor is nothing.  They truly feel that their "ownership" of workplaces gives them the right to require whatever they wish of workers with no input from the worker at all.  They believe that their investment of capital is somehow more important than the investments of all of the hours of work, sweat and skill from workers everywhere.

They are wrong.

It is the workers who build this country every day.  We built it - not the owning class.  They can do nothing of value with their money without our labor.  We build it everyday.  We must continue to build it and we do not build it for the one percent, but for us all.