Wednesday, September 19, 2012

47% And Counting

I really do not understand how people like Mitt Romney can pull their whole "we built it" nonsense and claim that Americans who do not earn enough money to pay income taxes or who receive public services are a "dependency culture".  Romney and his ilk receive just as much government assistance, if not more, themselves.

What the President said about how businesses are dependent upon workers and the government and vice versa is just true.  No one (except the military and I don't think the Republicans have a problem with that) gets as much government largesse as big corporations do.  The tax breaks and tax credits that exceedingly wealthy corporate entities receive dwarf the 47% he is talking about every time.  

It's not 47 percent - it's 100%.  It's called interdependency and it is part of being human.  None of us can make it on our own. We evolved into tribal groups and, later, societies, for that very reason.

Note that I am not trying to say that there is never any reason for the government to help out big businesses the ways it does - the ways from which Mitt Romney has benefited tremendously - maybe there is.  I am saying, however, that if they deserve it, then certainly children needing health insurance deserve it, too. And people needing clean air, nutrition, child care and public education ... they deserve it, too.

It is not wrong for societies to decide to create structures that allow everyone to thrive.  

It's not fair to create structures that support only the wealthy few.

We really are all in this together.  We can build nothing alone.