Monday, September 17, 2012

Dental Joyfulness And Unamusing Spouses

The Lone Star Baby broke a tooth - we thought -  on Friday night and it looked like a big, scary break.  I had visions of all-too-expensive root canals and crowns.  Only the fact that she was in no pain and the tender online ministrations of a dentist friend from the Mommy Club (first rule of Mommy Club...) kept panic somewhat at bay.  The dentist had no answering service on his phone or anything so we could not reach him until this morning.

Today Lone Star Pa took a half-day in the afternoon to take her to the dentist.  I called him the moment school got out, seeing a missed call from home.

Me:  You're home?

LSP:  Yes.

Me:  Well?

LSP:   Weelll...they're going to work with us.  We'll have twelve monthly payments of ( I was believing it grimly up to this point) $500 dollars each.

Me:  NOT FUNNY!!!!

She's totally fine, though.  It was a filling, not the tooth, that broke and he just re-filled it.  He didn't even charge us anything for it.  She feels totally fine.


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