Friday, July 31, 2009

Got Smooshed

Last summer when I went for my annual pelvic exam, the nurse-midwife I see suggested a baseline mammogram, as she likes to get a baseline on everyone sometime before 40 and I was then 36 pushing 37. I said okay but that the LSB was still nursing and I wasn't therefore sure that it would be a very good baseline. I had a mammogram about a decade ago when the LSG was a nursing three-year-old and I felt an interesting string shape in one boob - the long and short of it was that it was just one of those harmless mysteries of the lactating breast, but everyone from the OB/GYN to the radiology techs to the radiologist had no real clue how to interpret what they were seeing in a lactating breast (sad, just sad). My nurse-midwife agreed we should wait so when I went to this year's annual on Monday, I told her that the LSB weaned three or four months ago and she had me get scheduled for my baseline mammogram, which was today. I was a little worried that it might still be too soon for the mysteries of lactation to have fully wafted away, but the tech said she could see well. It's so weird not to be a nursing mother anymore. Making milk was my super-power. I almost don't know who I am...

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