Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Butterfly Project: Chrysalides and A Garden!

The caterpillars have formed their chrysalides. All five of them have made it this far. Our kit said that when they had all formed chrysalides, it was time to remove he paper disk at the top of the cup that they had attached themselves to and pin it somewhere on the bottom inside of the butterfly home, which we did. One of the chrysalides had fallen off of the disk already before they were all ready so we just set it on the floor of the butterfly home. It is still alive so we will see. Another looks kind of funny, so we'll see about that one, too.

We also planted a butterfly garden with plants that painted lady larvae eat. We are hoping that if we release the butterflies in the plants, they will lay their eggs there and we will be able to find the caterpillars and raise some more - we'll see if it works!

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Andrea said...

How cool! And what pretty flowers.