Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cousin Camp 2009

The third annual installment of Cousin Camp proved difficult to schedule this summer, between bills and car problems and the various schedules involved. After several attempts at arranging transportation fell short, we all had to settle for a long weekend of Cousin Camp while transporting relatives frolicked at the beach, but we vowed to do better next year between us. Abbreviated it may have been, but Cousin Camp was still fun.

The Lone Star Niece arrived Thursday night and met the guinea pigs and the butterflies. We went out to dinner, read stories and went to bed. On Friday morning, the Lone Star Niece and the Lone Star Girl made muffins while the Lone Star Baby had her swim lesson. Then we all went to North Beach and the pool at the condos where the relatives were staying and to lunch with them before heading home. At home, after showers all around, las primas relaxed with guinea pigs, movies and games and backyard fun, then dinner and stories and bed.

On Saturday, we went out for brunch, then went to the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens to view the decorated lawn flamingos of Flamingo Fandango. The girls liked the mermaid one, the wedding ones and the butterfly catcher one. A staffer was also showing kids a snake to pet. The Lone Star Niece, who has veterinary aspirations, was game, but the Lone Star Baby declined by hiding behind her father. We then traveled on to the Science and History Museum for the Saturday Treasure Hunt and a leisurely afternoon of museum enjoyment. The Lone Star Niece even convinced the Lone Star Baby not to be scared of the dinosaur wing anymore. We then traveled home for playtime and dinner and released the butterflies (more on that later). Then we headed out to the seawall to take in the Voyage model of the solar system in the cool of evening, con raspas. After making it all the way to Pluto and back, we walked around the t-heads a bit and looked at the boats before heading home for stories and bed.

Today, after breakfast, we went to the beach, out on the island, and then came back and got cleaned up. The girls made their Cousin Camp t-shirts and we read some stories and they played inside and outside. They made little pizzas for dinner and cleaned up their toys. The little primas watched movies and played games at home for a bit with Lone Star Pa while the Lone Star Girl and I snuck out for our Sunday night sign-holding appointment and then we read some more after I got home and now they are in bed. Tomorrow morning, the Lone Star Niece goes home. We will miss her!


Andrea said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun weekend! Your girls are lucky to have cousins to play with.

Lone Star Ma said...

They are but we wish they didn't live eight hours away!