Friday, July 31, 2009

Back To School Shopping: Check

I'm done. I got school supplies, a rolling backpack (for those two-mile walks home - thank you, Transportation), shoes and new jeans for the Lone Star Girl. All she still needs is a couple of the new school t-shirts, but they aren't for sale yet. The Lone Star Baby's Montessori charges a supply fee so she doesn't really need anything like that except for a new zipper folder for stuff to come home in and I got that. Her backpack and lunchbox are still good and she's good on shoes and clothes. Am done.

Of course, once the Lone Star Girl starts school, she will get another list, the one that includes the expensive calculator. But for that, we must wait...

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Andrea said...'re super organized! I thought maybe in the few days between when we return from our trip and school starting I would rummage around in the box of extraneous school supplies I keep in the basement and maybe throw M's backpack in the wash. I have no idea what he needs (wish the teachers would give you the list at the end of the previous year!)