Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Council Comment

Went briefly to today's City Council Meeting and spoke during the public comment period about how worried I am about the pollution that Las Brisas would cause hurting my daughter and the other children in our community with asthma and allergies. I found myself pretty emotional - not in an angry way or anything; I am really feeling the love for my adversaries lately - but just in a deep supplication. The Council was very polite and respectful - I hope they didn't just write me off as some over-emotional woman, as some people will. I am a very emotional woman but my depth of feeling comes from an informed place. I think they know that. Hope so. They all seemed to know me, which surprised me - it has been over three years since I worked for the City and I was only a low-level manager when I did. I wonder if they really remember me or if they have noticed my e-mails and writings on this issue. It would be great to believe that they have really been paying attention. Onward ho.

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