Sunday, December 09, 2012

My Girl's Effect (And The Business of Bake Sales)

I am so proud of all that my Girl is doing in the Girl Effect Club she started at school as a take-action project after the WAGGGS Girls' World Forum she attended this past summer.  She and other girls at her school do various projects to raise money and other sorts of donations for girls in developing countries, usually through joining efforts of existing organizations, but a variety of them.

She organized a soap drive to gather donations of soap that an organization called Clean The World would distribute in developing countries   She had the four high school classes compete:  my Girl bestowed, at a pep rally,  to the class that collected the most soap the Class-That-Cares Spirit Stick (which she made).

She organized a trick-or-treat for UNICEF drive in all the classrooms at the high school.

They have recently been having bake sales for Heifer and she's been baking up a storm.  When I noticed that she had glazed the sugar cookies she made and remarked on how nice they looked, she told me that glazed sugar cookies sold at twice the rate of non-glazed sugar cookies.  She then added that snowflake-shaped, glazed sugar cookies sold slightly better still but not at a high enough return to make up for how much longer they took to make - the regular glazed cookies were the sweet spot.

A teacher who was supervising her club told her that some business would be so lucky to have her someday. Then the teacher realized who she was talking to and said - well, some non-profit organization will be.

That's our Girl.

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Andrea said...

What a great kid you've raised there!