Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's The Economy, Baby

It's hard for me to remember in my morning car life that I want things other than coffee or NPR, but I try.  On most car mornings, though, no matter what else I am managing, coffee and NPR will be part of it.  Due to this, my car mostly companion, the Lone Star Baby, has been hearing a lot about the fiscal cliff lately.  

Unless NPR is being unusually gruesome, I usually assume that the Lone Star Baby is doing something else back there in her booster seat - eating a taco, reading Harry Potter, completing a word jumble or an activity in a tween activity book - and not really listening to Morning Edition, as this is generally the case.  She surprises me sometimes, though.

Lately, she's been asking a lot about the fiscal cliff - about tax rates and sequestration, Medicare and Medicaid, good trades and bad trades.  She wants terms explained and wants to know my opinion on various aspects.  She wants to weigh the pros and cons as she sees them.  These are good conversations to be having with my eight-year-old; it is heartening to observe her diligent efforts to become an informed member of the electorate someday.  I'm proud of her.

(And NPR rocks.)

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