Sunday, December 02, 2012


Last night, we went to Harbor Lights, the annual festival of lights that kicks off the Christmas season here in Corpus Christi.

Today, we had a family portrait taken for the first time in forever.  After that was Meeting.  In First Day School, we are still studying the Simplicity testimony and reading Thee, Hannah!.

At home this afternoon we rolled  Advent candles out of purple and pink sheets of beeswax (I love the tiny hexagons - they make me feel all queen of every hive, womb of every holt and stuff).  Now we need to light the first candle over dinner and later we will turn to our Advent calendars and moving our Magi down the hallway a bit.

What are your holiday traditions?

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Andrea said...

Sounds fun and busy! I love that hivey beeswax, too. We went to see Scrooge this weekend and started our Christmas Book week, we decorate (if I can find time to clean between now and then!!).