Monday, December 17, 2012

Long Nights Blessing

Last night, the Lone Star Baby asked to sleep in our bed.  She rarely does this these days, so I usually trust that she should when she asks.  The full-size bed, though, is not really big enough for the three of us anymore.  In the night, I awoke and realized there was tooth fairy business still to be done so I got up and did it.  In the night, the Lone Star Girl came tapping my shoulder that she was sick with a stomach bug.  In the night, I ended up in the Lone Star Baby's bed for lack of space in mine.  There was not much sleep happening on my end, overall.

Tonight, when we got home, the Lone Star Baby and I made Christmas tree-shaped beeswax candles and some rolled beeswax candles for the Lone Star Baby's teachers.  Like all sounds-good craft ideas in my world, it took muuuuuuchhhhh longer than I had anticipated.  Now the Lone Star Baby is sleeping in our bed again while I finish getting things ready for tomorrow.

I don't think I could be any more lucky with my life.  I am so, so deeply grateful for these long and sometimes sleepless nights, which I do not always appreciate as I should.  Truly, they are the best, most brimful blessings in all the worlds.  

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Andrea said...

Sniff. It shouldn't take an unimaginable tragedy to remind us to appreciate these little moments, but sometimes it does.