Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yet More Flu Dodgng

There was an H1N1 vaccination clinic at Sunrise Mall yesterday.  I got the girls up early and we got there before it opened but the line was already very long.  Fortunately, it moved quickly.  They confirmed for me that kids over ten years of age do not need a second dose, so the Lone Star Girl didn't need one.  The Lone Star Baby got her second dose (sigh of relief) and much to my surprise and contrary to what they said on the health department's website, they were basically giving them to anyone, not just priority groups, so I went ahead and got mine as well.   I then made a lot of phone calls to family and friends so they would know that they could get theirs, too.  Lone Star Pa's district did not get out until today, so he was at work.  We left messages on his cell and e-mail to go straight after work before they closed at 5, but he didn't.  So...three down, one to go.  I'm so happy that the girls are vaccinated.  It's no guarantee, of course, but I feel that I have done everything I reasonably can and that is a great relief to my over-weaning sense of maternal responsibility.


Saints and Spinners said...

I'm glad that you've got the shots taken care of. Our local doctor's office still doesn't have the shots, and the places that are still taking appointments won't take people under 9 yrs. We're relying on vitamin D and lots of handwashing here.

Lone Star Ma said...

Hope you can get yours soon!